The Board

Our board is a group of friends (some old and some new) who banded together because we saw the need for a Safe Space for LGBTQIA+ people in Schenectady County.

President – Justice Faye Dazzle – She/Her – Grey-Asexual, Demisexual, Lesbian Trans Woman – Contact

Vice-President – TBA

Finance – TBA

Community Outreach Liaison – TBA

Secretary – Nat Granger- She/Her – Lesbian Demigirl Contact

Members at large:

Miki Foster – They/Them – Queer Trans Non-Binary Human Contact

Meghan Medwid – She/Her – Bisexual Woman Contact

Past Board Members

Kane Battibulli – He/They – Gay Non-Binary Man (Past Vice President)

Kara Cavanaugh – She/Her – Bisexual and Genderqueer (Past Secretary and Finance)

Kyler Dean – He/They -Bisexual and Trans Masculine Non-Binary (Past Community Outreach Liaison and Secretary)

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